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We are more than just a Pilates Studio, you form part of our community and we take this responsibility with the utmost care, ensuring we deliver on time all the time.


Based in The Stable Health Centre we work closely with Physiotherapists, Biokineticist, Sports Doctors and Osteopaths. 


We provide:

-                 - Secure Parking 

                   - Shower Facilities

                   - Basic first aid

                   - Water 

                   - All Pilates Equipment


We kindly ask that you bring your own towels and wear clean socks.

Please remove your shoes at the door for hygiene purposes.

If you are with a new teacher who may be unaware of your pre-existing conditions, please remind them of these before the class if necessary.

What people say about Aurora Pilates

Shirley Pike

Thanks to pilates, i have no  more back problems! As an instructor, i highly recommend Dawn as  she is dynamic, knowledgeable, cheerful and always willing to adapt the exercises that i get a whole body workout. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that i didn't think was possible! To anyone considering joining Dawn my advise is "Try it, you will never look back!"

Bill Bedford

I have been attending Dawn's studio for 3 years now and am hooked on Pilates. Dawn is very professional and her classes are never repetitive. She is also very mindful of the older generation and those nursing injuries. A great mix of pain and humour!! :-)

Emma O'Beirne

Aurora Studio is simply the best! Dawn makes getting fit fun which  I never thought  I'd say. Small classes with individual attention, a great studio setup and good company make lessons whiz by with laughter and encouragement. As a rehab client with serious back issues, Dawn has helped me to overcome the many obstacles to be able to exercise safely and with confidence. Whatever stage of life or fitness, Dawn has an amazing ability to ensure that every every client feels comfortable with their bodies and achieves their own best. At Aurora it's not all about them, it's all about you and  being the best you can be, or the best you want to be. Dawn will get you  there!

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